Build My Own Site

“How do I build my own website?”

Like so many others I’ve asked the same question. To be honest, before I knew about this system I felt completely out of my depth at the thought of anything technical!


Don’t know HTML Code? Have ZERO technical knowledge? Know nothing about appearing on search engines?


What website designers don’t want you to know is that YOU CAN build your own website and get it attracting potentially THOUSANDS of customers in JUST A FEW CLICKS!

Let me share with you secret to building your very own professional website.. for next to nothing!

My name is Chris and I run my own pet and animal supplies store. 2 years ago I wanted to dramatically increase sales for my shop. My wife is a freelance wedding photographer and was also I was trying to get her business off the ground.

We came to the conclusion we needed websites to get our businesses online and increase our customer base!

Before I found this system I’m going to tell you about, I was being quoted over £6,000 by every web design company I approached! On top of the £6,000 they also wanted yearly “hosting” costs of £300!

I was in disbelief at how costly it would be to get my business online. As I’m sure you are if you’ve recently been quoted for a website!

I was lucky to have a friend who had built websites before.
He told me there were services you could use that enabled you to build your own website and suggested I did some research before I paid out over £6,000!!

I searched and checked out the “website building” services and saw what they had to offer.

Within just a few hours of researching I narrowed down the search to the two major companies in the “build your own website” market.

Create vs Mr Site

I’d read quite a number of reviews for both Create and Mr Site and it became clear which one I would try out first.

Create: Mr Site:

“As a newly subscribed create customer i can say with honesty that the product itself and the level of support and customer service are second to none. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company and it’s product to anyone.”

“I had looked around for a while trying to find a website creator package that was easy to navigate and set up. I was almost ready to give up until I stumbled across create! Its so easy to use and visually not scary or technical difficult to use. I love the choice of templates and the ability to customise too the finished product is very professional and I can not wait to experiment more and continue to improve my site! What great value for money well done create!”

“My web site has expanded my customer database and sales all over the world, and I have sold to USA, Australia, Oman, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, France and Romania. In fact I have to restrict my sales as demand is outstripping supply, I can’t paint enough pictures.”

“Imagine buying a car and finding out as you’re driving along that the accelerator, clutch and brakes are controlled by the indicator pod, and when you press the accelerator the screen wash squirts out and you can’t see where you’re going because you don’t know how the wipers work, so you turn the radio up just in case that’s the right button… That’s what it’s like. I’m going out now to buy a web package that does work and when I get back in my big 4×4, I’m going to accidentally reverse over Mr Site. Then he’ll soon be off to become a nice bit of ‘landfill’. Perhaps, that’s Mr Site’s first name…”

“I was initially really impressed with this software but then I started to find glitches and things that didn’t work. I would edit the page, save it, up load it and preview it – only to find that none of the changes had saved. As I am a start up e-commerce business I needed a decent check out package – having forked out for the ‘pro’ upgrade, which you have to do for e-commerce, most of the ‘pro’ features didn’t work, the dedicated cheaper ‘pro’ support phone line didn’t work and responses to on-line support were often completely irrelevant to the question I was raising, sometimes barely in English, and what looked like standard formatted responses.”

“Having tried for several weeks to resolve some of these issues I gave up and went elsewhere.”

You can view more reviews here.

I was amazed to find Mr Site did not offer a demonstration of using their system, or a free trial! Which would explain the vast number of customer reviews stating “If I had known how hard to use this limited system was, I wouldn’t of subscribed!”

After researching and trying out a free trial of the Create service, I signed up to Create. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.

I want to share this system with you too, so you don’t make the mistake I almost did and end up paying thousands of pounds on a website design!

Within a matter of hours I had my website built and online selling my products!


I was completely blown away. Not only did my site looks so professional, I EVEN SAVED THOUSANDS!

I’ll tell you this now, I now receive more orders from the website that the visitors I get in the shop. Business is GOOD! My wife is also fortunate enough to now be receiving more requests for her photography than she can handle! We really have found that the websites have really turned our businesses around.

We found this particular system SO EASY to use literally no technical knowledge is required.

You don’t even have to have an eye for design either…. or be a professional graphic designer! The Create system provides all the easy to use tools you need to build logos, buttons and graphics for your site!

The steps are literally as easy as this:

  1. Select your website design from TONNES unique professional designs.
  2. Choose your own website colour scheme.
  3. Create / Upload your own logo.
  4. Enter your page content.

Click “PUBLISH TO WEB”…. and your website is active and instantly accessible by thousands of people!

Not only that, the system also automatically submits your website to several search engines, including GOOGLE! That’s right, get your website listed on GOOGLE…. without you even DOING ANYTHING!

If that wasn’t enough, they offer a full 30 days FREE TRIAL. Unlike most companies who require your credit card details to even provide you a free trial, these guys offer their system….


Absolutely no catch. Only when your website is finished and ready to be put online are you then asked to subscribe!

You could be only hours away from having your very own professional website online!


Another great thing about this company is that once you’ve subscribed, a whole world of further opportunities opens!

You are then given access to their community of customers and website owners who share marketing ideas, offer business advice, discuss website improvements etc! It offers fantastic support and I’ve certainly learnt a lot from their community forums.

I trust you’ve found this information useful and I truley hope it saves you as much time and money as it has saved me!

I wish you the best of luck with your new website and wish you every success online!

Kind Regards,


P.S Just a quick word of advice! I signed up about a year ago and I’ve seen their prices raise marginally once (I assume due to demand). The company was nice enough to let their existing customers keep their existing packages. So I’d sign up soon so you get your website at the insanely low price they are currently offering!

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